This Korean Comedian’s Remake of BTS’ ‘DNA’ Is A Must-See

Kim Je HaOctober 5, 2017Views 355

Fans of BTS have been coming out left and right with covers of their latest hit track “DNA” off of their album ‘Love Yourself: Her.’ From song covers to even dance performances, certain covers are going viral but no other cover is as hilarious, yet amazing, as famous Korean celebriy Lee Guk Ju’s.

The dance machine that is Lee Guk Ju has proven yet again that she is an absolute dance queen and has the skill, alongside the pizzaz, to own her version of “DNA.” Check out her supreme dance skills below and share your thoughts on her daebak cover performance with her friends.

The video already has close to 350K views and fans have flooded the video with comments and praising Lee Guk Ju for her dedication to mastering such rigorous dancing. Fans particularly stated, “I love how she transitions with different outfits,” “She even got some of the facial gestures on point,” and “She proves anyone can dance well if they try!” It seems Lee Guk Ju has the skills to pay the bills after all!

Source: KpopStarz